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Here's me in a nutshell: I am compassionate, great at linking things together that you might not see as connected, and am very spiritually-minded, but I also swear a lot and use humor.

If that intrigues you, keep reading.

We are all on a journey to find joy and peace in as many ways as we can, and in order to find these, we must often explore deeper understandings of ourselves and others. I first noticed that my journey was leading me to help others during my adolescence, when peers would often seek me for guidance or support. Because of my own experiences with feeling lonely, this role became important to me, as I didn't want others to feel alone in their struggles. 

My career as a psychotherapist began while working in a residential treatment facility for youth for nine years. I learned so much during this time about how trauma can impact someone emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and the many ways this can show up in daily lives. 

The next phase of my career led me to working in an outpatient counseling agency for five years, where I enjoyed working with children, adolescents and adults. During this time in my life, I also found myself awakening spiritually, which was drastically different than the religious upbringing I had as a child. I began to be able to sense the energy of others, both in this realm and in spirit, and learned to "tap into" guidance from a Greater Loving Source. I was also trained in a form of energy-healing called Reconnective Healing, which was way out of my comfort zone! These events not only transformed how I saw the world in front of me, but also gave me new tools to share with my clients that were open to experiencing things outside of traditional talk-therapy. From there, I eventually started my own private practice to allow me more of the freedom to incorporate these non-traditional techniques to help my clients in their journey toward healing and greater self-discovery.

My passion is helping clients understand how their own spirituality impacts their life and can be used to help them on their journey. To me, spirituality is a person's connection with a loving force greater than themself: Some call this force God, the Universe, the Creator, or even nature. This is very different from religion, which is a person's relationship with an organized community with common spiritual beliefs. 

My intent is not to mold someone into my spiritual beliefs, but to guide clients to connect with their beliefs in a deeper way than perhaps they have ever learned to do before. Clients may come to me already spiritually open and ready to explore, or come to me with no sense of their spiritual connection or how it impacts their life; either way, I am excited to help them grow and understand more.

It is my belief that by first understanding where our negative beliefs about ourselves originate from, we can then provide deep compassion and understanding for the parts of us that have been yearning for these. We can then apply things like the Law of Attraction and Spiritual Connection tools to help us move along our healing journey at a more rapid pace.

If you are interested in hearing a bit about my journey, you can check out this podcast episode: Click Here.


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