Chronic Pain


Many people have experienced pain in their bodies for months, years or even decades without relief from their symptoms. The pain doesn't just affect their bodies; it also impedes their ability to have a "normal life" because it impacts their ability to sleep, to enjoy activities, or even to connect with their families (because being in pain can certainly affect mood). Researchers and doctors are now starting to understand that for many of these people, their pain is not a result of something being structurally wrong in their body--even if there was previously an injury to their body.

Instead, many times the very-real pain is the result of overly sensitive nerve connections between the brain and the body. A cycle of pain has been learned by the nervous system, and the longer this cycle is repeating itself, the more sensitized and overactive the nerves become, and then the more pain is felt. This is known as Mind-Body Syndrome or Psychophysiological Disorder.

The good news is that the brain can be "re-trained" to break this cycle to significantly reduce or eliminate the pain! The process involves learning to understand the emotions that are tied to this pain, both from when the pain started and emotions that come as a result of the pain starting. My role is to help you understand this cycle, and guide you through the process of teaching your brain a new way to operate to reduce or eliminate your chronic pain.

To learn more about this process from the physician that trained me, click here to check out this 9-minute video from Dr. Howard Schubiner, director of the Mind Body Medicine Center at St. John Providence Hospital and clinical professor at Wayne State University.

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