Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a concept that states that we attract to us more of whatever we put out energetically into the world around us, like a magnet. If we are feeling fearful, we will attract to us more things that make us feel fearful. If we have appreciation/gratitude, we will attract to us more things that make us feel grateful.

One of the challenges is that often are carrying with us beliefs about ourselves and others that we picked up earlier in our lives, and these beliefs carry energy as well...and we might not be fully aware that we are carrying them! For example, a person might not be thinking on a daily basis about how they were left by their parent at an early age, but they seem to have a lot of relationships where their partner also ends up leaving them. They have unintentionally attracted more of the same, even though it is what they do NOT want, because the Law of Attraction operates off of the dominant belief/emotion not the desire itself.

By understanding how the Law of Attraction might be impacting a client's life, we can actually bring in more understanding and compassion, and also learn how to shift their thoughts/feelings to attract more of what they DO want.

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