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Is this you?

~You are great at helping others (personally or professionally), but still struggle with being tough on yourself.

~You already follow positive stuff on social media, but you still feel stressed .

~You have tried therapy before but are still struggling with anxiety or feeling “not good enough”.

~You have a hunch that you are carrying beliefs about yourself that are keeping you from enjoying the life you want.

Therapy is not about "just talking", but rather understanding the reasons why we developed the patterns we have, and then learning how to think and act in a different way to create a happier life. My goal is to help you do just that!

My 20+ years in working with situational and relational trauma has taught me a balance of compassion, guidance, and simply being "a real person", because that is what has helped my own healing journey. My approach in working with you is to combine my traditional education and experience with some "non-traditional" spiritually-based skills, including understanding the Law of Attraction and also Spiritual Connection. This combination allows me to help you as a whole person and not just treating a diagnosis or set of symptoms, and will keep you in a growth-mindset even after our work together is done.

My role as a psychotherapist is never to judge you or your choices, but rather to guide you to a more evolved understanding of yourself and of others. My hope is that in this relaxed and supportive space, you will discover how your beliefs were formed from events of your past, and how they continue to show up as the symptoms that made you seek treatment now. My job is never to tell you what to do, but rather to provide the understanding and the tools to help you feel safe enough and strong enough to make the decision that is right for you.

You're here because part of you knows you deserve more in your life and are ready to heal. My goal is to provide a relaxed and supportive space where you can begin to understand yourself in a different light, release patterns that no longer serve you, and begin to thrive in your life! Take the next step and reach out to start on your next phase of healing!

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